Tuesday, 18 January 2011

SusChem head reveals aims

SusChem, the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry, continues to evolve as a force to stimulate innovation in chemicals and biotechnology in Europe. It was good to see its new chairman Paul-Joel Derian from French speciality chemical company Rhodia championing its efforts in an interview published by International Innovation.

Paul-Joel Derian now heads up
SusChem - Photo: Research Media
Derian, who succeeded Professor Rodney Townsend of the UK's Royal Society of Chemistry in the SusChem chair last year, outlined his ambitions for SusChem, a joint initiative of Cefic and EuropaBio with backing from European Commission.
Says Derian: "SusChem’s number one motivation is to trigger mindset change as well as demonstrate the value of chemistry through concrete projects. If we consider the need to speed up innovation in response to societal challenges such as global warming, water and energy consumption, then the chemical industry clearly stands out – not just as a big part of the sustainability challenge but definitely at its roots, since it provides key innovations for so many sectors."

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